From discussing the grand vision, initiating comprehensive communication and design, to managing the event the day of- we are there for our clients every step of the way.


Getting to know you and what you have envisioned is the ultimate goal of a planner. This is your party, and we are here to be your guide to success! Not only do we feel confident that you'll feel on top of your tasks, organized and well connected with local vendors, but that you'll be able to enjoy the experience with us as well!



Owner and Planner

Abby Gallagher was born in Canada, raised in Michigan, and has now been living in Florida for 5 years. With a deep love for all things beautiful, she has a unique history of luxury yachting which has now evolved to living ashore, planning and designing stunning events for her clients. She has 10 years of hospitality and event management experience and her Bachelors from the University of Michigan. As  a socialite by nature, she never passes a moment to have a good laugh and deeply cares about the people she meets in her life.

For now, Blue Orchid Events & Design is a small, passionately driven business. The ultimate goal will be to open a design studio in the heart of Venice of America (Fort Lauderdale) to bring the professional, friendly, young, and progressive culture of event planning to brides, yachting companies, locals, and visitors worldwide.

Besides running her business, Abby also places crew in the yachting industry, is an avid motorcycle rider, has travelled to 32 countries, gardens, creates her own beauty products, and is mildly obssessed with throwing dinner parties.

Portraits by Lara Rose Photography

"I hired Abby for month-of wedding coordination services. To say she is the most professional, organized and friendly vendor I've had the pleasure of working with is a huge understatement. From from our first meeting, Abby impressed me with her hospitality and attention to detail. I knew immediately I needed her on my team! She always made herself available to communicate with me and was prompt when responding to texts, calls or emails. She worked with me to understand every aspect of our wedding from site visits to vendor calls and even decor inventory. Like most brides, I needed to have control over each and every detail of our wedding, however I felt entirely comfortable and confident in handing over the reigns to Abby. She truly made our wedding experience stress-free and fun, and enabled us to enjoy every second of our special day. I highly recommend Abby's services to any and all brides!"

-Shelby Beaty, Bridal Client

"I don't know how I would've had the PERFECT wedding without Abby. I worked with her over the course of about a year before our wedding and she was 100% professional, responsive, and pleasant every single time we communicated. I can't believe how lucky I was to find her since I don't think I would've gotten the same level of quality service from anyone else. Abby is so kind and lovely, and was so patient with me. She's a true gem and truly went above and beyond my expectations. She's incredibly detail-oriented, and has an eye for design which helped me immensely. I'm so sad it's all over because it was, without a doubt, the BEST day of our lives and it was all in large part to her. I had guests reach out to me after asking for her contact info, they noticed it too!!"
-Renata Baldassarri, Bridal Client
"Where does one even begin with writing a review for this marvelous piece of work?! Abby is YOUR GIRL. Stop hesitating or debating over whether you think you *need* a wedding planner….You NEED Abby! I found Abby in perfect time — about two months before my wedding — and she was a true God-send! Immediately from the start, she made me feel calm and like everything was going to be okay — and it was! We sat down together about a month before the big day and we went through EVERYTHING together: who my vendors were, what I had for a schedule so far, what my vision was for the decor, what my vision was in general, etc. There were big holes in my wedding to-do list and Abby stepped right up to the plate. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work in helping me finish all of the last-minute planning details that I just didn’t have the time for. She called all of my vendors, confirmed their services and arrival times, sent them each schedules, and helped me figure out a transportation schedule for my wedding guests. Fast forward to wedding day....I’ve never felt so RELAXED…I knew my wedding was totally handled and there was nothing for me to worry about. I just had to drink my wine and enjoy my day :) If there were any problems on my wedding day, I didn’t have a clue. She always had her clipboard in hand with all of the details, schedule, phone numbers…everything at her fingertips. My mom was always asking her questions, needing this, needing that, and while I was rolling my eyes, she handled all of her questions, favors, and needs with grace and a genuine smile. Also, Abby is just a really cool person! She’s got such an interesting background and is just a lot of fun to be around — which made it easy to have her be with me on wedding day. If you’ll take anything away from reading this review, it’s two things: 1) Let’s face it, you’re reading reviews for wedding planners — so you NEED a wedding planner and 2) That wedding planner should be Abby. Trust me."
-Lara Rose Cenovski, Bridal Client

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Our Method


After our initial consultation, we book our clients electronically then jump right in to a 3 stage planning process.


  • Budget assessment

  • Venue Selection

  • Primary Vendors

  • Officiant 


  • Floral and Linen

  • Stationers and tracking

  • Cake, catering, and bar

  • Rentals


  • Tastings and mock-ups

  • Day-Of Timeline

  • Confirmations

  • Last Minute Details

The planning process can take anywhere between 12 months to 8 months in advance. We highly recommend you book your planner in beginning phase of your planning process. Planners can help you connect to authentic, quality vendors, and guide you through the appropriate scheduling. 

We offer three different wedding packages, depending on where our clients are at in their planning process, that works on a sliding scale depending on the guest count and complexity of the wedding. For all other events, we work off of a commission basis due to the budget. 

Once we meet for a complimentary consultation, we'd recommend a month-of coordination (day-of), partial planning package, or a full planning package. 

Complimentary Consultation

During our initial meeting we'll go over my services:

  • assessing your budget

  • helping select, book and maintain contact with the venue and all vendors

  • contract reviews

  • developing a specialized timeline

  • developing your inspiration board and setting theme, color and design

  • designing your wedding website

  • site walkthroughs

  • coordinating and executing the day of

The rates for my services depend on the size and budget of your event. Typically, this will be a base rate, a la carte add-on's, and a sliding scale for large parties, specialized pricing on your budget and party's size. 

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.