Working with a Photographer

Choosing and meeting with a photographer for head shots, wedding or engagement photos, or capturing those intimate event moments should be an entirely enjoyable experience! Finding a professional to work with can be scary for some, but there are a few pointers to remember that can make the entire experience fun and progress smoothly. 


Find someone that could easily be your best friend! Having a laugh is key... what's the point in being too serious when you're shooting 'happy' or attractive moments? Often a photographer will ask you to force a laugh to make the shot look authentic. With the right personality type, you two will be laughing uncontrollably for a truly organic take. 

Being comfortable taking directions from a professional that knows exactly what angles to capture you from, make it even more important to find someone that you trust and are contented around. It doesn't have to be a photographer that's the same age, sex, or personality type as you necessarily, as long as you connect with them and feel relaxed.


Be prepared and follow any prompts suggested and I promise that you will be thrilled with the outcome of your photographer! Naomi from Sweet Memories Photography was an amazing photographer to work with! She was bubbly, fun, professional, and very confident with her skills, prompts, and shoot location suggestions. 


Getting photography done should be exciting fun and full of laughs- don't let it be any other way!