An Airstream to Remember

Time slows down, the air becomes still, and all seems to be quiet before you walk down the aisle. Having a calming and intimate bridal suite to rest in before the adrenal rush is a luxury. Such was the idea of Tracey Ann-Jarrett, to convert a vintage, remodeled airstream to be just that: a mobile sanctuary to act as a bridal suite.  The Hitched Photolounge is a mult-faceted rental that can be converted from a suite to a photo booth, bar or lounge. The concept of the shoot was to bring a certain level of intimacy to this unique space that would make any bride feel relaxed, cozy, and meditative before she says, "I do". 


To set the scene, we used the beautiful backdrop of Snyder Park, Fort Lauderdale. By draping the air stream in a gorgeous floral frame by A Lavish Moment Event Design, it brought a new level of delicacy to the aluminum frame.  A small refreshments lounge just outside was a perfect touch to the scene and also to bring a high level of customer service to the brides front door. The wheeled cart and patio set from Mi Vintage suited the vintage theme. 


Raspberry sour cream cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, a lush bouquet, chocolate and dried rose petal dipped spoons were available. As well as a chilled grapefruit spritzer with a rosemary garnish with a curated cheese board were also at her disposal. 

Inside Airstream

Inside the airstream, you're immediately impressed by the deceiving spaciousness of the space. With two cozy benches, blankets, and faux-fur rugs to add to the ambiance. As for the details, there is a mesh board with some loving notes, a "ring for champagne button", and a quarter frame of unique paper flowers crafted by Martha's Masterpieces.  Her wedding invitation, hand made by Simply Sianne, is nearby, ready for its detail shots. 

Ring Me

A special gift just for the bride is nearby and was individually crafted by none other than Love & Bisous, a luxury gift crafting company that caters to any request. Included in the basket were fresh, matching florals, champagne, a book of cocktails, and both sweet and savory treats. 


We find the bride using her vanity mirror and perfumes in the back room (yes there is yet another area of this little air stream). There is an old record player from Miami's Spin Alley Store and a stunning view of the parks Spanish Moss trees. 

Spin Alley

The most important part of a bridal suite is for you to feel at complete peace, which can also be a great time to do a mini boudoir shoot for your partner. Perhaps as a gift for your anniversary or Christmas. If not, grab your self some tea and unwind and read a letter labeled "To My Bride", which has been handed over right before you zip up your wedding dress and head to the processional.  


Beauty is, of course, in the eyes of the beholder, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a talented beautician on your side, Milene Miranda in this case. Our bride's robe, lingerie and wedding dress all came from Miami's own LA Boudoir shop. Being the show stopper beauty that Michelle is, we will leave you with these last stunning shots of her to wrap up what we truly believed to be a stunning intimate air stream photo shoot.

You can find this gorgeous shoot published with Smitten Magazine.


Since the release of these photos, my dear friend Michelle Saari has passed away. Keeping her happy, loving memory alive. xo