Adventure Awaits at The Cooper Estate

Today, we live in such a wanderlust society. Travel and adventure are highly sought after lifestyles, and we met the most amazing couple living that lifestyle to the fullest.


Anne and Karl started their forever bond snorkeling along the South Florida beaches. Anne is known to carry a dive flag and snorkel gear everywhere she goes. This fearless and spontaneous couple recently vowed to live a life of following their passion and making every day an adventure. They chose a most magical spot for their wedding at The Cooper Estate in South Miami.


An adventure themed wedding would not be complete without a photographer known to spend his work traveling the world, capturing couples in the most serene of locations in the Bahamas and Australia. Joshua Kane Photography is a joy to work with and his candid shots hold precious memories from the event.


Some of Anne’s family traveled from India to be a part of her special day, bringing their culture with them. Her parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all put on a show as they were introduced to the reception. Karl’s dad was the officiant. It was humbling to see the two gentlemen calm eachother’s nerves and pass on advice of love and public speaking.


The Cooper Estate is a 100-year-old agricultural property that holds onto beauty and peacefulness. The reception hall used to be a large horse barn and the landscape is still a productive nursery. Every building and bit of nature made for exotic and intimate photos.


What adventure wedding would be complete without an underwater cake? Sweet Guilt by Angelica designed this yummy salted honey and guava cake, full of the underwater treasures Anne and Karl love to swim through. The cake topper is a diver and a mermaid made from laser cut wood. The simple, yet wild floral arrangements are by Beautiful Kreations. Blue orchids and amaranths decorated the outdoor cocktail hour and lit up the reception hall with submerged votive arrangements. Each table was for a different location they had traveled to. Every napkin had a postcard with a photo from their adventures there.


Anne walked independently down the green moss runner in her beaded dress by Boca Raton Bridal to stand by her soon to be husband. The ceremony was set in the most enchanting of places with overhanging trees, a running waterfall and a fish pond.


The love these two had for one another was an uplifting energy that carried through the whole day. They were constantly laughing and being their goofy selves, making the day a very rewarding experience to witness and be part of. Anne could not have been more radiating with the help of Uniique Image for her hair and makeup.


The day would not be complete without an epic dance party full of lights and the best music from DJ Steve of Seegers Sound and his MC. Every single person was on the dance floor until it was time to go home.


And so the adventure begins… Working with Anne and Karl inspired us to constantly follow our dreams and to take adventures whenever they arise. This life is yours to create and explore. We wish them all the joy and safe travels!