Lavish Lounges

SUMMER…the season that brings with it not only sunshine and swimsuits but pure happiness. It reminds us of the good times and even better ones to look forward to with vacations, no school, and opportunities for new and old romances to deepen.

We invite you to join us on a Summer Series of weddings to help you find inspiration for your big day and to provide insight to the questions most couples will have about how to create the most magical of events. This week is the final blog in the series, which will help you choose the perfect lounge arrangement!

Having an outdoor lounge at your wedding for the cocktail hour or reception is not only trendy right now, but also an incredible offering to your guests. By setting up a lounge area, you are giving your guests a place to rest their feet, have intimate conversations away from the festivities, and they are a great place for photo ops. It is also a nice creative touch to add to your wedding because there are endless options for how to design your lounge. Have some fun with it and check out some of our favorite lounges from past weddings!

For Your Theme

If you plan on having a themed wedding, your lounge can be extravagant and truly unique. This lounge above is an Aladdin inspiration. We incorporated all of the vibrant colors and golds from the movie to create the feeling that you were in Jasmine’s palace. We explored what would be a tip of the hat to the story as well as what a modern couple would be attracted to. There are lamps and even a magic carpet to really tie the themed look together. Elements and Accents is located in Doral, Florida and has a vast and beautiful inventory. Whatever your theme may be, we can recommend the perfect rental company for the lounge you want.

The lounge above was absolutely stunning by Mi Vintage Rentals that brought our bride’s jewel tone theme to life.

For Your Budget

If you have already planned your wedding and met your budget but would really like to have a lounge, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to make it happen. Instead of having a full couch, tables, and accessories, consider just having a couple of comfy chairs or a single couch. Amuse Decor has affordable options for all budgets. Another option is to do a little thrift store shopping and find eclecitc pieces to put together your own lounge, as long as you have a method of transporting it. Then after the wedding, you can try to resell them or just donate them to a charity or consignment shop.

For Your Venue

The arrangement of your lounge will depend on the layout of your venue. There may not be a large space where you can set up a full lounge. It can be quite romantic to have chairs and couches scattered about. This allows your guests to relax away from their assigned tables. Deciding to have individual pieces can be more affordable and you can select a variety of looks to incorporate rather than a single design. Lounges are so much fun to shop for and put together. They add just a touch more intimacy and uniqueness to your special day.

If you’re looking for an epic planner and wedding designer to create the royal day you deserve, please contact Blue Orchid Events today!