Wedding Pets

SUMMER…the season that brings with it not only sunshine and swimsuits but pure happiness. It reminds us of the good times and even better ones to look forward to with vacations, no school, and opportunities for new and old romances to deepen.

We invite you to join us on our Summer Series of weddings to help you find inspiration for your big day and to provide insight to the questions most couples will have about how to create the most magical of events. This week we explore how to send out a final wedding invitation to your beloved pet!

Chances are that if you are online searching for blogs to read, you also have funny or cute animal videos in your search history. Everyone loves a good animal video. They are adorable but can also be amazingly talented.

Check out some of our suggestions for incorporating your furry family member into your wedding day.

The Assistant

Traditionally, young children from the families will be the ring bearer and flower girls/boys. It is such a precious moment when the guests turn and see the youngsters all dressed up coming down the aisle.

Now replace that same “aww” moment with your beloved pooch walking down the aisle, tail wagging and so happy to be there walking up to you. Your wedding just became a bit more special. Your guests experienced something different and you as a couple get to share the love with the next being that is forever loyal and loves you unconditionally.

You may be looking at your dog licking its leg or chasing its tail right now as you read this and be thinking “There is no way my dog is capable of such a task”. Thanks to the simple and effective method of behavioral conditioning (think: monkeys ring a bell and food appears so they learn that bell=food), training your dog to walk down the aisle is doable. It just takes a little training. First, check with your venue and make sure animals are allowed on property and during the service. Then, spend a little time over a couple of days walking with your dog down the aisle and use treats to reward them at the end when they get it right. You will be surprised at how quickly they pick it up.

Now you have your very own awesome animal video to go viral!


The Chauffeur

So a horse may not be the most practical thing to bring to your wedding, but you are going over the top for everything else, why not add just one more showstopper? Instead of walk down the aisle, ride your horse down! Talk about princess status.

Dress up your steed to match the ceremony and make the most grand of entrances. This act works best for outdoor venues, for obvious reasons. Have someone in the front rows be responsible for hitching your chauffeur to a nearby tree or post once you dismount. After the ceremony you can take the most beautiful photos and really make your day a princess’ dream come true. No need for shining armor either!

Just make sure to do enough practice walks during rehearsal so that you and your horse are comfortable.

Photo Credit:  Lara Rose Photography

Photo Credit: Lara Rose Photography

med_res (5).jpg

The Entertainer

There are all sorts of ways to spice up your reception: photo booth, ice cream sundae bar, and monogrammed corn hole games. Let’s add a bunny to that list! Or even a cat, pig, or goat. Baby goats are really in right now.

Animals bring joy to people’s lives. They can’t help that they are so cute and cuddly. Your guests will share lots of laughs, photos, and memories if you have a surprise fur ball at the reception. Make sure to have an animal sitter or holding room for making sure your friend is safe and looked after. Also, allow a certain amount of time at the beginning of the reception or cocktail hour for this event. Smaller animals can get easily stressed out by a lot of people.

Photo Credit:  Lara Rose Photography

Photo Credit: Lara Rose Photography

med_res (2).jpg

You will look back on your wedding and think how cool it was to have your animal be a part of your day and all the fun memories with them.

Photo Credit:  Sara Ozim Photography

Photo Credit: Sara Ozim Photography

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