Unforgettable Favors

SUMMER…the season that brings with it not only sunshine and swimsuits but pure happiness. It reminds us of the good times and even better ones to look forward to with vacations, no school, and opportunities for new and old romances to deepen.

We invite you to join us on our Summer Series of weddings to help you find inspiration for your big day and to provide insight to the questions most couples will have about how to create the most magical of events. This week we explore the endless options of creative goodies and favors for your guests!

To gift or not to gift? That is a good question. About 60% of the weddings we have planned, have had wedding favors in all shapes and price ranges. By inviting your guests to a day filled with festivities, savories and sweets, you are already giving them something special to enjoy and remember. Design your day around the budget and preferences that make you as a couple happy.

For those of you who say “I Do” to favors, let’s now take a look at some of our favorites that perfectly capture the fun of summer.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Favors

The ones you choose to stand beside you are your most loyal and cherished friends. Showcasing their loyalty by being present through this whole planning process. Give them the best thank you for sticking it out by gifting them a surprise.

For bridesmaids: embroidered totes, hats, towels, robes or sandals are all lovely personalized gifts. By staying on the practical side, you are sure to give something that your ladies will actually use in the hot months to come.

Photo Credit:  Evan Rich Photography

Photo Credit: Evan Rich Photography

For the groomsmen: consider giving personalized hats. Keep it simple with just their initials and colors of the wedding or be bold and put the nicknames you have for each one of them. Socks aren’t just items you give your dad every Christmas. Every man needs some nice pairs. I am not trying to encourage your gents to wear them with sandals on the boardwalk but most of us still work during the summer and fun socks can spice up office life. Favorite sports teams, beverages, animals, and hobbies make for some awesome patterns.

Ceremony Favors

If you are considering a summer wedding or already planning one, you already know it is going to be hot and sunny. Have a box of reliefs to keep your guests protected and comfortable during the ceremony. Colored sunglasses are always a great idea. They make for comical photos and become a backup pair after the wedding. Fans, flip-flops, and little tubes of sunscreen are beach essentials which guests do not always think about before attending a summer wedding.

Life’s a party, right!? Maybe your guests lived it up a little too much during the rehearsal dinner and aren’t feeling so hot despite the temperatures. You can easily make (or order) “Hangover Kits” to recharge your attendees so they can party on. These can include Tylenol, electrolyte packets, eye drops, gum, and refreshing face towelettes.

Reception Favors

There are two ways to display your favors during the reception: make them part of your escort cards or have them at each place setting. Whether you find your name amidst mini Patron bottles or arrive at your seat to find a thoughtful trinket, both are equally as exciting. If you are taking a trip before the wedding, consider bringing back small tokens which might inspire your guests to take advantage of their summer.

Since you are spending money and time on the right favors, it is best to stay away from putting your names and wedding related words. You want your guests to display, wear, and consistently use your gifts. Instead, use thoughtful quotes or a cool symbol or graphic that relates to your theme.

Take Home Favors

As the night winds down, the excitement does not have to. Place your parting favors by the exit for a final surprise. This way, your guests do not have to keep track of their favors all day and allows you to have larger gifts.

The possibilities are endless like those long summer nights. Make them yummy with beautiful jars of jam. Make them useful with printed beer glasses. Make them unique with little citronella candles.

Whatever you choose to give to your guests and however you choose to give it to them is perfect! Happiness does not result from what we get, but from what we give.

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